Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Read for Me?

I know that one is supposed to pretend otherwise, but I love birthdays. I love to make a fuss when family and friends have birthdays, and I love my own. Everyone deserves at least one day a year to celebrate the fact that they were lucky enough to incarnate on this breathtaking Goddess of a planet and that they've made it for another trip around the sun.

I'm 55 today, and proud of every single wrinkle, grey hair, and scar.

Like a lot of people, I do a reading for myself on my birthday, asking for some guidance for the coming year. (I want to make each one count!)

This year, I pulled:

A quality I need to foster this year: Playfulness

A Goddess with whom I need to develop a deeper relationship: Pele

My body/health/physical existence: Page of Pentacles

My job: 3 of Cups

My family/home/garden: The Star

My spiritual life & circle: The World

If you feel inclined, I'd welcome your readings in comments. May you, too, enjoy many wonderful birthdays!


Catherine D. said...

Hippo birdies two ewes! Mine was last week - March rules!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Hecate, and here's sending you all the best for your next year and many more!

Thank you for including the line about wrinkles, grey hairs, and scars. Me too. I'd say that getting the Page of Pentacles about your body is a great portent.

I also use and love the Robin Wood Tarot, by the way.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Happy B-Day, Hecate.

May you have many more!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hecate!

StatsGrandma's Office Hours said...

Happy Birthday, Goddess of the Crossroads.

You have touched my life in so many ways. I feel blessed to have you in it.

fyreflye said...

Happy birthday, torch bearer of the Goddess!
Though I do read the tarot, I can't read without
studying the spread and the relationships among the cards and talking to the querent. Anyway, you're better qualified to read your own spreads than anyone else,

Medusa said...

Happy Birthday, Hecate! (Born on the Ides of there's a portent ;-)) What wonderful cards you drew! Not sure if you want other people's interpretations or readings with other cards, though I'm sure you can interpret those that you drew yourself. Those cards, and the way they build to the last two, have a wonderful feeling.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

A v happy birthday to a most wonderful woman.

Your health and wellbeing should be starting out with an intimation of something new, something solid.

Your work is in a great place for the contentment it brings you.

Environment and family has been greatly, and in a balanced manner, blessed.

Thou Art God.

That's my five minute take on the reading,anyway.

But I son't think you need me tot ell you any of this!

Terri in Joburg

Makarios said...

Ad multos et faustissimos annos!

Aquila ka Hecate said...

PS: Pulling Pele as the deity is really sort of appropriate, no?

Anonymous said...

Blessed Be, 55 years young and many more.

Sobeit said...

Happy Birthday - your cards are interesting and I am looking through them - but as someone else mention I would rather be there looking at the cards and how they interact with each other. Hope the day insightful for you.

Marya said...

Happy 55 Hecate!

When I sat with your tarot cards I found myself seeing you in the woodland garden (you and I are both gardeners) and you were still planting and weeding in the dark earth as the evening star was coming out.

Teacats said...

Brightest of all blessings on your birthday! Wishing for your good health, prosperity and a vibrant garden this year! Lighting a candle!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Marcellina said...

Allerliebste Hecate, alles gute zum Geburtstag!

Lavanah said...

Happy Birthday!

Mama Kelly aka Jia said...

Brightest Blessings and a Happy Birthday

Joe said...

Happy Birthday! Also, a belated very merry unbirthday for the rest of the year :P.

I really can't do a good reading if I don't have the cards in front of me, so I laid out my own spread for you. I use the Druid Craft Tarot, and prefer the Awen spread, so my reading for you is based on that.

Ideas: The Sun, 2 of Pentacles, the High Priestess
You're just coming out of a period of great creativity, and now you need to balance your life as you move towards a period of reflection and introspection.

Emotions: 9 of Wands, the High Priest, Ace of Cups (My favorite card, btw)
Your past emotional struggles are largely behind you, calmed by the influence of your mentors and loved ones, as well as your own personal development. Moving forward, you appear to be entering a time of renewed relationships and spiritual growth

Actions: 7 of Cups (Inverted), 9 of Swords (Inverted), Strength (Inverted)
In the past, you've worked hard towards your goals, often forgoing immediate gratification, and now you are in a time of improvement and transformation. As the year moves forward, take the time to explore your motivations as you begin to reach some of those goals, and make sure that you are pursuing your passions, not just following your habits.

Best wishes for the coming year!

Hecate said...

Thank you, one and all!