Saturday, April 30, 2011

May the Goddess Guard Her; May She Find Her Way to the Summerlands; May Her Friends and Family Know Peace

Hail and Farewell, Joanna Russ. I learned a long time ago not to start one of her books in bed, as that meant that I'd always greet the dawn bleary-eyed and tired. She was an amazing writer. I hope the pens are sharp and well-dipped in the Summerlands. Slip gently away, Lady, just now when the veils are thin.

Picture found here.


Marya said...

So sad to see this -- I loved her work and her battle against sexism in science fiction.

Nancy Green said...

I will miss her too, and will keep an eye out for her paperbacks in the used bookstores.

I found a link to one of my favorites of her short stories, and posted it on my blog, here--

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