Friday, May 20, 2011

Creating Beauty

Did you create some beauty today? For my part, I put together an elegant legal argument and spent some time teaching young lawyers how to think and write about the law (which is as beautiful to me as the sand is to the artist above -- and almost as malleable a medium and certainly as susceptible to changing tides). And now I'm going to spend time knitting a sweater to keep G/Son warm next year. Tell me about the beauty you created.


Update: I see that SoBeIt and I are reading from the same book today.


Anonymous said...

I puttered in my herb garden—some weeding in the new lavender and rosemary, repotting the woad until it's big enough to fend for itself out in a bed, setting out some basil and more catnip . . . and then worked on a winter sweater for John. And made beautiful salads for supper.

Spring is so very lovely this year! I have been luxuriating in it.

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