Thursday, June 09, 2011

Missing the Memo

Last night, I had dinner (on the porch in spite of the record-breaking heat here in the mystical MidAtlantic! Of course, we did have shade, the ceiling fan, and a bottle of icy grand cru from Arnould & Fils, recommended by my brilliant friend Stoat) with a beloved magical Sister. I asked her, "You'd tell me, right? Mercury didn't unexpectedly go retrograde and I just (in retrograde Mercury fashion) missed the memo?" Because it would explain a lot. (Blogger, you fickle, evil BitchGoddess, I am looking, inter alia, at you.)

And speaking of missing the memo, I'm not sure why I am just now finding out about the amazing sculpture of Fidelma Massey. If I'd known about her sooner, I'd have planned my garden around one of her sculptures. As it is, I'm going to have to sit down w/ Landscape Guy and see where we can work one in. There's a spot he's been pointing to along the Southern boundary for a few months and saying, "Something needs to go there. You need to figure out what."

And, in true if-Mercury-isn't-retrograde-who-is? fashion, I'm not sure where I first found Ms. Massey's work. I thought it was at Sally J. Smith's site, but now I can't find it there. (And I'd love, someday, to get Sally to build one of her fairy houses in my garden for G/Son, too. He's so fascinated w/ the fairy door on the big maple in my woodland). Whoever brought Ms. Massey to my attention, many thanks!

Which of her works do you like best?

Pictures: Google "Fidelma Massey" and click on "Images".


Anonymous said...

Interesting that the first image one sees is also the most hermaphroditic: the hair-as-horns, the floriform clitoris which could be mistaken for a fig leaf.

My personal favorite is the tree pregnant with a bird's nest. What a complex statement made lovely.

Wizardess said...

Her work is amazing! I need to get earning some money so I can afford one someday. :)

Aquila ka Hecate said...

I love the stag-antlered Lady.

T in J

CrowsFoxes said...

Hecate, her work is wonderful.
Of course, she's Irish!
On her website, she has two owl statues -- I'm coveting both.
Wonder if she does crows?

Barbara Rogers said...

What inspiration! My fav after only looking at half of them is mermaid or moon. So glad you're letting us know about Fidelma Massey!

anita said...

My favorite is the pregnant tree, but they're all wonderful. Thanks for posting these; I'd never heard of her.

Teacats said...

What a great reason to buy a lottery ticket!

Just heart-stopping gorgeous!

I love the last image on your posting -- but I wonder if she would do a custom version with a similar one in a fountain, pond or water-type installation? Sigh.

Imagine one of these in a center of a knot garden!! Maybe the last one could have climbing roses around the base? Or lit up so that you could see it from an outdoor dining area?

Tis to dream! LOL!

Teacats said...

Blackmore's Night "Highland" -- from their CD

thought you might enjoy ....

Belladonna said...

You know, I gotta say... I was asking myself that question [about Mercury] just the other day.

What in the WORLD is going on?!

Not liking it. No ma'am not at all.

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