Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wildwood Tarot

My regular readers know that I'm given to rants about how acquiring things is not the same thing as practicing a serious Nature Religion.

You can buy every book that Lewellyn publishes (my bookshelves house more than a few). You can have Celtic-this and dragon-themed-that and unicorn-themed posters all over your house. You can cover your tables, walls, and yourself with cheap cotton Celtic-batik tablecloths (I've got a few!). You can wear high-Goth or expensive SteamPunk (OK, if I win the lottery, I am buying that hat). You can burn incense and sage from etsy 24/7. You can jingle when you walk from all the pentacles, LOTR-themed jewelry, and gypsy-hand amulets that you wear, but it doesn't make you a devotee of the Goddesses/Gods nor does it cause you to live in tune with Gaia.

And I work at practicing what I preach.

I own fewer than a dozen Tarot decks and I regularly talk myself out of buying yet another really neat one. I rely almost entirely on my Robin Wood, with some Tarot of the Crone, hand-made by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, thrown in for mystery and the occasional Cheryl Richardson Self-Care Card pulled for an overall theme. On my iPhone, I have the Goddess Tarot app, and I find it uncannily accurate for one-card answers to questions. I have Joanna Colbert's Gain Tarot on order for this Autumn, and Joanna knows that if she ever decides to sell the painting for her Six of Water, I'm first in line. And, ok, someday I'm going to break down and buy myself the Peter-Max-inspired Aquarian Tarot, which I always buy as a gift for friends.

And, beyond that, there's only one other Tarot deck that I've seriously craved. Ever since my brilliant friend Stoat showed me his Greenwood Tarot deck, I've been seriously in lust. Supposedly based upon pre-Celtic, European themes, as well as the Wheel of the Year, it's been unavailable for some time (although occasionally one will show up on eBay for several hundred dollars and I'm not spending that kind of money for a deck of cards; my heart is happier with an almost-paid mortgage and some money in the bank).

Now, Mark Ryan, who worked on the Greenwood Tarot, has come out with the Wildwood Tarot, described as a "complete reconception and redesign" of the Greenwood Tarot. I got my copy last night, on the Full Moon.

My practice for getting acquainted with a new Tarot deck is to ground, center, call the Elements, and cast a circle. I smudge the cards and the LWB (Little White Book, although it's a largish dark-colored book in this case) and then I just spend time with them. I look them all over, in order, shuffled, and then, finally, with the LWB to help me learn the ones that are less-Rider-Waite based.

I'm in love.

Pictured above is my first reading with this deck.

What divination method do you use? Is there a new one you're thinking of trying? How do you handle your lust for "stuff"?


Lenni said...

I use the tarot: The Dragon Tarot and the Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea (that my mother bought for me). I have had poor luck getting any other decks to work for me at all so that keeps me from buying any more.

As for buying anything else? I need only open my wallet and see the moths fly out. It's deterrent enough. XD

Lavanah said...

I, too, use the tarot (DruidCraft). And I listen to the birds that share my property with me. As for the shopping/buying desire? My youngest is in college and my mortgage will be paid off soon after she graduates...

Thalia said...

Well I do own more than a few Tarot/oracle decks (though I haven't got any recently), but then I consider that a business expense, pretty much, in that it is good to keep up with what other artists in the field are doing.

Although, I don't use them any more. When I want a reading this is what I do:

I meditate/visualize/active imagination/envision/vision, whatever you want to call it, and sit down somewhere with my Guide/daimon, who pulls the cards and lays them face down. I turn them over and see what is there, both picture and title.

It is much more interesting, as well as much more accurate, this way.

Anonymous said...

I've loved Tarot for about thirty years now. Wandering through other decks, I returned to Rider-Waite for others' readings. My own are conducted using a Thoth-derived deck, Navigators of the Mystic SEA.
Runes, however, have recently come into my life, and seem disinclined to share: we'll see where that goes.
As for stuff: I'm doing okay on pruning. I used to be an avid collector who went shopping once weekly, but I am keeping only that which genuinely speaks to me, and to which I am willing to give energy. That makes it simple.

The Traveler said...

I love how tarot decks look, the artwork used, but I've never been drawn to use them. It's always been rune stones for me. The art work on your new deck looks superb.

Makarios said...

I first encountered the Tarot (Rider-Waite) at the age of 15 and was immediately enchanted. For awhile, I applied astrology more than Tarot, but over the past couple of years I have returned mainly to the cards. At this time, I use the (rather confusingly named) Grail Tarot and Tarot of the Holy Grail--mainly for reflection and self-examination rather than for divination as such.

Clymela/Singing Sparrow said...

Well!! This is my favorite article so far and I think this must be because I can feel the Tarot through your words and stories.
I still use the Rider-Waite deck although I do have other decks. My first experience of the Tarot was with the Rider-Waite deck and I still love it.
My granddaughter is beginning to express interest in the Tarot and I am sharing books and decks with her while listening keenly to her language of the future.

Buddhagan said...

I love tarot and I have about 6 decks. I will probably give one of them away becausse it just doesn't speak to me. Not sure which one is my favorite but since I'm new at this, I like the Rider Waite. As for buying new decks, I want to feel a connection with them. I like to look at the sample cards first. The last deck I bought was sun and moon tarot.

Scott Jay said...


I hope this message finds you well.

I see that you deal in Tarot decks and am wondering if you have (or know where I might find) the rare Sybilla Fortune Telling Cards as published in 1827?

I know it is a bit of a long shot but I will gladly pay a reasonable price and have already tried many of the dealers that specialize in this area with no success.

Any insight would be sincerely appreciated as it would mean a lot to me to find this deck.

Also, in the event you might be interested, I have the rare and valuable Greenwood Tarot set complete with cards and chart!

There are only a few complete sets online (for around $1K) and mine will likely sell for a lot less than that. It is an exceptional deal for the right Tarot dealer as there is a lot of money on the table and the set continues to increase in value…

In fact, it recently sold for $1,100.

On that note, the link is:

Either way, thanks for taking the time to read this and please let me know if you know where I might locate the 1827 Sybilla deck.
As mentioned, I am prepared to purchase it for a reasonable price!

Thanks again for your time and all the best,

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