Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Kneel Down, Shut Up, and Pray in a Church Closet Somewhere

Via Witchvox, check out this incredibly fun article from BP News -- apparently a publication of the Southern Baptist Convention. Crying about evil Wiccans who insist upon being able to offer prayers at public meetings, BP News pouts that, "Oconee County was one of three South Carolina councils sent threatening letters by ACLU attorneys around that time last year. The leftist organization was emboldened by a recent U.S. Court of Appeals decision which declared that no specific deity could be mentioned in an opening prayer.

In that case, Wiccan “high priestess” Darla Kaye Wynne was offended that a Great Falls, S.C., town council invocation mentioned Jesus. Demanding the tolerance to her religion that she wouldn’t afford to others, Wynne fought the council. And won.

Not only did the ruling force Great Falls council members to censor their religious expression, the “priestess” also extracted nearly $60,000 in attorneys’ fees from the town and its taxpayers. "
I love the scare quotes around the term high priestess. I also love the fact that this moron doesn't understand that if the town hadn't fought Ms. Wynne all the way to the Supreme Court, which declined to hear the case, there's have been no lawyers' fees to recover.

The whiny-ass titty-babies at BP News go on to piss and moan about some local ACLU chapter's leader who, "[w]riting for the left-wing website The Common Voice, . . . penned a shockingly intolerant article titled “A Bullet Memo to the Right.” In it, Cubelo wrote, “To Bob Jones, Pat Robertson, and James Dobson: Kneel down, shut up, and pray in a church closet somewhere. We’ll come and get you when we need a [J]esus jihad.” Oh, man, I wish I'd written that.

But honestly, the logic here is so twisted it's almost impossible to refute it logically. The basic premise is that if xians aren't allowed to shove their religion down everyone else's throat, then the xians are being persecuted. If they have to take turns at public meetings offering prayers with members of other religions, then the xians are being persecuted. If anyone, anywhere breathes, the xians are being persecuted. For a group of people who claim to have such a mighty sky god, they sure are a bunch of mewling, puking, bully-babies.


Thersites said...

Oy, I agree. Says something about their confidence in their own faith, though. My God doesn't ask me to sue anybody, being busy with other, non-trivial matters...

Athana said...

Awen, sister! I'd make only one addition: the xian sky god is, first and foremost, a war god. Ever check to see how many times the words "war" and/or "warrior" are mentioned in the Bible and the Koran (another war-god religion)? It's somewhere over 400.

geor3ge said...

I remember this story from when I lived (until recently) in Charleston. IIRC, most of the residents of her town had a "live and let live" attitude, but it's always that small group of idiots that make life hell for everybody.

Joe Max said...

Yahweh was originally a penis-god. That explains a lot when you think about it.

Joe Max said...

BTW, Hecate: the link to the court decision is broken -- it's got an extra period at the end.

Anne Johnson said...

Imagine being in the Daughters of the American Revolution and being unwilling to pledge allegiance to the flag. You should see the blue-haired ladies when I tell them that "one nation under god" violates my religion.

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