Sunday, November 12, 2006

Shut The Fuck Up

Here's a pretty good list of people who should now shut the fuck up. I have a few more to add to the list:

1. James Carville should shut the fuck up. He's sleeping with the enemy and he hasn't done shit for the Democratic party in, oh, a decade or so.

2. Dobson, Falwell, et al. should shut the fuck up. They don't speak for a majority of Americans who were disgusted by the Terry Schiavo incident that began Bush's serious slide into lower-than-low approval ratings and, this time around, they couldn't even deliver enough voters in South Dakota to save the state's criminalization of abortion, much less the voters to keep the Congress in Republican hands. They're useless, worn-out tools of the patriarchy and they need to shut the fuck up.

3. Chris Matthews needs to shut the fuck up. His sexist comments about women's voices tell us all that we need to know about him. He's an idiot who spews from the darkest corners of his id and he needs to shut the fuck up.

4. The oil companies and other global-climate-change deniers need to shut the fuck up. Americans understand that the planet is dying. You had your chance, about twenty years ago, to develop alternative sources of energy. You chose not only not to do so but to fight those who wanted to. You got us into this damn mess. Now shut the fuck up.

5. Karen Hughes needs to shut the fuck up. Condi Rice needs to shut the fuck up. Laura Bush needs to shut the fuck up.

6. Ann Coulter needs to shut the fuck up and go to jail for voter fraud.

7. Colin Powell, quit biding your time. It's come and gone. You need to shut the fuck up.

8. Nancy Reagan, quit being a tool for racist fucks like G. Felix Allen, Jr. who oppose stem cell research. Shut the fuck up.

9. Rudy Giuliani, shut the fuck up. You are so pre-11/7.

10. Pope Ratzi, shut the fuck up. I haven't forgotten what you did in 2004. Stay quiet. Stay very, very quiet.


Buckeye, Dealer of Rare Coins said...

What shrillness!

I likey!

watertiger said...

Karl Rove, Not a Genius™, should also shut the fuck up.

Tena said...

Can I play?

Rush Limbaugh - you had a much longer run than you ever should have. You should be in prison. You actually tried to tell us you were glad you didn't have to lie any more? Rush - Shut the Fuck Up!

Gen. JC Christian, Patriot said...

Lanny Davis needs to shut the fuck up.

Captain Ed needs to realize that few people can hear a guy when he has his head up his ass, so he might as well shut the fuck up.

Lou Dobbs needs to shut the fuck up part time.

BlakNo1 said...

Rahm Emmanuel needs to be put on this list too.

Anonymous said...

phew, i'm not mentioned.


meret said...

Add Dennis Miller to the list too.

Courtesy of:

Anonymous said...

Jane Fonda, who betrayed our soldiers in Vietnam... (take a wild guess what I'm about to say) SHUT THE FUCK UP.

collins said...

you enviroment idiots know that in the 70's global cooling was the big scare, right. i know there isn't much about that on CNN or MSNBC. carbon dioxide is not a pollutant either. if you fuckin retards want to help the planet maybe you should stop breathing, or... you could just shut the fuck up. oh, and the cap and trade bill will raise taxes roughly $3,100 yearly on american households, if you've actually read it. not to mention the tax hike on companies, who will lay off MORE workers to stay profitable adding to the unemployment problem. in case you're wondering, OBAMA can shut the fuck up! Of course you'll just chastise me as a "non-believer", or say that i'm a victim of some right-wing conspiracy, instead of opening your ears and mind and maybe taking a look in the mirror and realizing who the real victims of the media are.

Anonymous said...

wow, way to be a dumbass. the cap and trade bill won't increase taxes by 3100 a year. That is a statement made by in a study that was backed by oil companies. Collins need to SHUT THE FUCK UP

Max said...

Spencer Pratt should shut the fuck up.