Thursday, May 03, 2007



Akela said...


Mine had a different name but I ended up with a tiger as well.

Small world eh?

dan mcenroe said...

Heh. I got a raccoon. After reading the book I figured I would get a raccoon or a red panda or something like that.

But c'mon - they want people to see the movie. They're not going to give anyone a slug.

Anne Johnson said...

Snap! The Golden Compass is a fabulous book. "His Dark Materials" is a fabulous trilogy. If it ever becomes a bestseller here, like it did in the UK, it'll be so fuckin banned by the fundies!

Anne Johnson said...

SNAP!!!! The movie is finally coming out!!!!! I hope it's good.

But sorry, my daemon is not a whippet. I know very well what my daemon is, but I took the quiz just to see if they had a vulture.