Monday, July 30, 2007

Some Good News

From today's EEI newsletter:

Palm Desert's Efficiency, Renewables Plan May Become California Model

The introduction of various measures to promote energy efficiency and renewables by the resort city of Palm Desert was considered a potential model for other California cities to adopt, the Associated Press reported. In order to meet its goal of cutting demand 30 percent within five years, Palm Desert has promoted the use of electric vehicles and solar panels, developed stricter efficiency codes for homes, and proposed an Estonia Protocol for energy efficiency. The protocol has received $14 million of funding from the California PUC, with potential further funding after Palm Desert submits a study of its initial impact to the agency in 2008.

The city already has cut demand by 7 percent in the six months since starting the effort, with John Phillips, head of the Energy Coalition group that has advised the city, saying that advanced metering and demand response programs could produce further cuts. California PUC President Michael Peevey said of the protocol: "I don't think I said, 'This is ridiculous,' but I certainly was astonished." He added: "Here's the point: If they can do it or come close, most communities in the U.S. can do it."

Associated Press via the Deseret Morning News , July 29.

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