Friday, August 03, 2007


Here's a nice article about a soldier who made it home after an extended tour in Afghanistan. He discusses what it was like being over there and how he continued to practice his religion under those circumstances, giving a nice nod to Wicca:

The soldier, who brought his own siddur and kippah to Afghanistan, said that prayerbooks could be obtained from visiting chaplains. And, he noted, kosher food could be obtained on request.

"There’s a stereotype," he said. "People hear ‘Jewish’ and they hear ‘military’ — a minority within a minority. They ask me to tell them about anti-Semitism in the army, but I haven’t seen any," he said, noting that fellow soldiers "may be curious but I haven’t seen any discrimination."

"This country is great because it’s a conglomeration [of people] of all different backgrounds," he said, noting that he served along with Muslim, Buddhist, and Wiccan soldiers. "We’re fighting to keep it that way."

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