Thursday, August 30, 2007

Life Is Good

Jeff Skilling is still in jail.

I get paid to do what I love.

My datura is in bloom.

And George Bush had to apologize to a witch.


TrueMirage said...

oh if only molly ivins were still around to comment. he hasn't been skewered nearly enough for this.

SheWho said...

I, too, miss dear Molly. She was the best kind of woman. She had a large heart and a wicked tongue.

It seems from her writing here that Hecate was cast from the same mold :-)


dad said...

mmmmm, can i come over to your house and smoke some of those datura flowers?

is that illegal yet? i can't keep track.

i'll trade you a nice bottle of chardonnay - we bought it for guests who didn't drink it, and i never will.

mama kelly said...

I was so thrilled to read that "W" had to apologise to Roberta Stewart. I tend to be cynical enough to believe that her exclusion from the meeting in question was intentional knowing his opinion of the Wiccan faith from past statements.

Im glad that he didn't get away with it this time.

Mama Kelly