Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Want To Save America Tonight?

Hey! What are you doing tonight? Is it more important than ending the war? Go to, plug in your zipcode, and find the vigil nearest to you. Then, go. Go without a candle or a sign or even much faith that it will "work" -- but go. It's only an hour or two. You can devote an hour or two to saving America, can't you? MoveOn is holding vigils all across the country tonight to remind the Democrats that it's their job to get us out of this war.

There's a full moon tonight. Go hang out under it and do something for your country.


Anonymous said...

Full moon was last night.


ntodd said...

I fricking overslept and missed the eclipse this AM. :-(

spectral_ev said...

i have been vigiling every saturday with a few other people for three years.
so it's a good thing to do anytime.

Karin said...

We had a good vigil outside Congressman Pallone's office-he came by and talked to us for a bit. One women had a sign saying "Honk if you want to impeach them", and believe me, there were a lot of honks.