Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Don't Let Them Silence Us

Local news radio is reporting that ANSWER, the group doing much of the organizing for the upcoming September 15th anti-war march: says it's received citations for more than $10,000 from the city. This notice of violation from the Department of Public Works orders the group to remove all signs reading "March To Stop The War."

The protesters say they've been putting these posters on the rectangular metal boxes near street corners for years and have never had any problem. The group says local and federal government are acting politically and unconstitutionally.

Of course, the Department of Public Works doesn't even have a good lie prepared: DPW spokeswoman Linda Grant says this is not about the message, but is an ongoing attempt to make sure people post signs according to city regulations.

If you have a chance, why not throw up a post about the march on your blog? As the ANSWER webpage explains, the September 15 Mass March [] is timed to coincide with the report of General Petraeus and the debate in Congress on the Iraq war. Iraq war veterans and their families will lead this dramatic march from the White House to the Congress on September 15. The last thing the government wants is to see the streets of Washington DC fill up with throngs of anti-war protesters right in the middle of the debate. The September 15th March will be followed on Monday, September 17th, with a Peoples March Inside Congress, led by Code Pink (Meet at 12 noon in the cafeteria of the Rayburn House Office Building ).

Add their button to your blog. We shouldn't let the DC government (shame on you, Mayor Fenty) prevent the word from getting out about the march.


Nancy Willing said...

I will definately post about this march.

Hecate said...

Thanks, nancy!

madamab said...

Thanks, Hecate. Will do!