Thursday, September 13, 2007

Best Candidate To End The War

Polls show that Dems favor Hillary to end the war.

Within the liberal blogosphere, Hil takes quite a bashing for what's perceived to be her less-than-adequate disavowal of her vote (along with many other Dems, including Edwards) to authorize Bush to go to Iraq. Josh Marshall reports, however, that among Democrats in general, Hillary is: actually viewed as the best Democrat to end the war.

Hillary wins easy victories among Democrats in Iowa, New Hampshire[,] and South Carolina on this question: "Regardless of your choice for president, who do you think would be best at ending the war in Iraq?" Hillary scores in the mid-30's in all three states, outpacing Barack Obama by over 15 points in all three states, with John Edwards in third.

And among voters who said the Iraq War is the most important issue to them, Hillary still leads the pack: 30% in Iowa, 32% in New Hampshire, and an astonishing 63% in South Carolina.

A possible explanation could be that despite her 2002 vote for the war, Hillary Clinton is consistently viewed in polls as the best experienced top-tier Democratic candidate.

I suspect that Josh's explanation may be correct.

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