Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pictures From The March


santa macarra said...

nice march against war. here in spain we support you.

Tom - Daai Tou Laam said...

Saw the stilted Santa on the noon news while sitting in a diner/cafe here. Might have come from the ABC feed.

The gathering of turkeys truly looked sparse.

Karin said...

This is the second or third time I've seen that Bush behind bars diarama, and I just now noticed the Cheney mini-me at the bottom!
Thanks for being there, Hecate!

Anne Johnson said...

Thank you for being there. Without peace can no work be done.

racymind said...

Yes, the march was amazing! There was a fountain of beautiful energy there.

It was great meeting you too!

Anonymous said...

did you get any pictures of the vets being arrested and escorted up the capitol steps?
i found that to be very moving-they have already served our country-at whatever point, some even 100% disabled-and still risk so much (due to their relationship with the government).
what did the die-in look like?
being in it I have no idea.
I did feel very supported by mamma earth laying there on the concrete with blue skies above. Peaceful. Incredible.
Got arrested.
Incredible view.
Incredible to take part in a creative, non-violent, symbolic event of civil disobedience.
the newbie