Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some Sanity In A World Of "Abstinence Education"

Good. Let's hope that other schools will follow. What's the point to denying children the medical care that they need? Who thinks that it's a better option to let middle school kids conceive babies? As for the "parents' rights," parents can exercise their rights by staying involved with their kids' lives and supervising their kids. But they don't have a "right" to foist unwanted babies and sexual diseases onto their kids or the rest of us.


Anne Johnson said...

We had this in Maryland back in the day, we just had to go to the health department for it. It was totally anonymous.

Luminosities said...

Thanks for posting this. Parents' rights, my ass. It's not a parent's right to hide his or her head in the sand and refuse to face reality. It's not a parent's right to allow his or her child to become pregnant, get an STD, spread an STD or even die from unprotected sex. Kids are not possessions, they're people and they have the right to accurate information and adequate health care.