Friday, October 19, 2007

A Woman In The White House

I think that Eugene Robinson makes some good points in today's WaPo article. I've been pretty upfront that one of the reasons that I support Hillary Clinton is that she's a woman. She's not nearly as liberal as I am, but then, I've never voted for anyone as liberal as I am. For my entire adult life, I've voted for white men who had a shot at winning but who were not nearly as liberal as I am. Given that, I think that there's inherent value in having a woman in the White House, at least once every 231 years or so.

And I don't intend to feel "bad" about calculating based, in part, on sex. Goddess knows, there's a boatload of white men who won't be voting for either Hillary or Obama based upon her sex and his skin color. We should stop taking sex into account? You first, Bubbas, you first.


pookapooka said...

Read about the reality of how this soul thinks and operates before committing your support. In my analysis, she's Bush Lite, and the last thing we need if we are to continue as a "democratic' nation is a continuation of the political course her husband, lightly, and then Bush, fascistically, has set for the devolution of this nation.

In Sen. Clinton's case, it ain't "a woman in the White House" ... it's "a continuing disaster" which recognizes no gender in its downward spiral into non-democracy.

Left-of-Center Womyn said...

i regretfully agree with pookapooka. But then I'm not wild about any of the 3 top Dems running for Prez. I wouldn't exactly call Hillary Bush lite. Maybe Bush with brains. But still too conservative (and politically expedient) for my taste. Did you know she was a Goldwater supporter in her youth? Seems like she's one of those women who go along with their man's political affilation for expediency.How does electing such a woman help all women?

ntodd said...

Did you know she was a Goldwater supporter in her youth?

Yes. So what? I supported Reagan when I was a kid. Big fucking deal: now I'm supporting Kucinich.

I won't support her in the primaries, but if she's the nominee I will have no problem casting a vote for her. She'll be infinitely better than Bush or any GOP nominee. What's more, I hope whoever wins will be a weakened president as Congress reasserts itself to restore balance...

ntodd said...

PS - For Hecate: