Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Lock Of The Bay

So it turns out -- who knew? -- that mats made out of hair clippings make one of the most efficient materials available for cleaning up oil spills such as the recent oil spill in San Francisco. Matter of Trust has been collecting hair sweepings from salons all over the country and getting them to volunteers working to clean up the oil spill in San Francisco. Even better:

The great news is that this waste doesn't have to stay toxic. Since it's just hair and oil, there is an oyster mushroom that will cling to the hair and eat the hair and oil while detoxifying it in less than 4 months. A donation of $10,000 worth of oyster mushroom spawn from Paul Stamets of has been made to Matter of Trust and thanks to helpful information from contractors like Universal Environmental we've managed to contact The O'Briens Group , contracted for shore activity, toxic waste collection and disposal, and we hope to donate the spawn and set up to them.

Check it out. Print it out and take the information to your salon.


r@d@r said...

oyster mushrooms and hair???

now that is what i call bona-fide Earth Magick!!

proof that if we STOP NOW, Mother will recover to a large extent on Her own...

SV said...

Love it!

Updates on the wildlife rescue efforts can be found at my blog.

Despite our best efforts, 50% of these birds will still die.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Locks of Love will send them their leftovers (that's where my hair goes).

from Ruth