Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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What Molly Said

One of my dream ideas of late has been a WPA-style program designed to develop green technologies in every community in America. It's bold, and would take a lot of work and resources, but it looks like Al Gore is developing contacts which might make such a thing possible. Imagine the number of jobs which could be created when we begin assessing the most appropriate means of clean energy generation for each county or municipality and calculating and then producing the tools needed to achieve that goal. Manufacturing would be reborn in America, and new jobs would be created: wind-farm and micro-hydro maintenance positions, electrical retrofitters, geothermal engineers, and plumbers installing heat pumps to lower the amount of energy required to heat or cool buildings.

This is exactly right. We need a Manhattan Project for scientists to develop solutions to our global warming problems and we need a WPA program to create green solutions all over America. Shit, turning all the rooves in America into green rooves would be a huge first step. My v. creative friend K., who is working on reality tv shows concerning green construction, could, I'm sure, reel off a dozen more important steps within minutes.

If we can spend over a trillion dollars on an illegal war that has destabalized the Middle East and made us hated around the world, I think we can afford Molly's great suggestion.

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donna said...

yeah, I've been thinking this is what we need, too.

30 years ago.