Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Respectful And Thoughtful Conversation

Two days after the dinner, out of seemingly nowhere, Starhawk called and asked me for mediation. We met and were successful in talking thru an old issue that has festered for years. It’s been great to clear it out, and we talked at length about our pretty polarized positions on what she sees as confidentiality versus what I see as transparent process. I can’t say anything was really solved or we swayed each other to the other’s position, but it was a respectful and thoughtful conversation. We even talked about collaborating in the future in envisioning what could make for healthier community. A complete turn around from the energy between us for the last several years.

I’m choosing to believe at this moment that the dead we feasted with at the dinner are actively involved in trying to help us. And my goodness, the world and Reclaiming sure need help.


I am lucky enough to live on the East Coast. I am lucky enough to live within an eclectic circle of women, some of whom have had Reclaiming Training (I have), but many of whom have not. I light incense for Reclaiming; may the Goddess guard all of us.

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SV said...

Speaking personally (and without knowing or judging the particulars) I prefer transparency, because it supports respect and builds trust and because it demands that people take responsibility for their actions.

and here is an example from Anne's blog about what can happen when things are kept in the dark: