Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Silenced By Pagan Wife

This is the sort of really bad reporting about Pagans that drives me batshit insane. As near as I can tell, the fact that his new wife is a Pagan has nothing to do with this guy deciding to end his singing career. It sounds more as if she told him she'd only marry him if he got a real job -- something xian women have been known to proclaim, as well. But the headline implies that there's some relationship between her religion (which he appears to share, according, at least, to one quote) and his decision to retire.

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Anonymous said...

hahahah. Omg. 2 tickets sold last year and he says it doesn't pay 100% of the bills. Does it pay 1% of his bills???

I agree with all your points, completey, but these two are losers and what really rubs me is that they represent us in the media at all.