Wednesday, January 09, 2008

And Your Little Dog, Too

I really don't like, for obvious reasons, the use of the word "witch" to describe an evil female. If you mean "bitch," then say "bitch," and don't use my religion as a slur. Almost none of the women called "witches" are, in fact, witches, and women who are, in fact, witches generally have nothing at all to do with the stereotype.

That said, I certainly got a, you should pardon the expression, cackle out of the closing line from this story by Rebecca Traister in today's Salon:

But here's a message from the women of New Hampshire, and me, to Hillary Clinton's exuberant media antagonists: You have no power here. Now be gone, before somebody drops a house on you!

Of course, that was Glinda, the "Good" witch.

/hat tip The Editoress


Anonymous said...

Try the top link on this google list for video of Hillary you wanted. Don't think the whole debate is there--will take some watching.,HPIA:2005-40,HPIA:en&q=Video+and+Hillary+ABC+Democratic+debate+January+6

Anonymous said...


Just one small nitpick. It's Glinda the Good Witch.

Glenda was the female name of the Ed Wood movie transvestite character. It's a little thing, but we don't need to hear *that* little comment, too.