Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hiding In Plain View

Deborah Lipp suggests that:

Today, we are hidden by an exoteric Pagan community and a publishing boom. You have to figure out that there’s more to Wicca than the superficial, the bland, and the anything-goes. There are many, many points of contact, and most of them are bullshit. You have to try again and again, and not be daunted by the fakes and flakes and failures. You might have to attend a public ritual where the periodic table is recited, and still keep seeking.

Somehow, this is affirmative of the Mystery nature of Wicca. The inner traditions cannot grow past a certain point, because growth denatures them. But that very fact keeps the Mystery alive; hidden, alive, and available for those who know to seek it.

I think she's correct, at least to the extent that it's quite difficult for mystery traditions to grow too large without losing, well, the mystery. I hope I live long enough to see what cradle Pagans make of a religion that's been, for over 50 years, mostly a religion of converts.

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