Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In Earnest

I'm just at one of those "good" periods right now. I'm moving forwards on goals, spending time with friends, getting things done at work. That's what the period between Imbolc and Eostara is all about for me.

On Wednesdays, I get together with some witches for ecstatic dance and a healthy potluck dinner. Tonight, my dear friend R. was talking about cleaning every inch of her house in preparation for Spring. I was thinking this morning about how in Spring, it's so tempting to abandon goals and just indulge in the sun and warmth and flowers and how in Summer it's so tempting to give in to the heat and just sit under the ceiling fan with a glass of iced tea. But in February, there's none of that. There are goals and there are ways to work on those goals. I'm blessed with friends who push and prod and help each other to achieve goals.

I had dinner last night w/ a friend who works harder than almost anyone I know at consciously creating his own life. It's such an inspiration for me.

I'm reminded of a poem w/ overtly xian connotations: Life is real/Life is earnest/And the grave is not its goal/Dust thou art to dust returneth/Was not written of the soul.

Now, between Imbolc and real warmth, my life is real and earnest and the grave is not its goal.

What do you need to do between now and Eostara?

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