Friday, February 29, 2008


It's Leap Day, and, as Monica Hesse notes in today's WaPo:

It is here, in all its quadrennial springiness, like a cartoon Slinky boinging into the wall calendar.

Ah, Leap Day. It's so topsy-turvy, sounding too whimsical for its placement at the end of what everyone knows is the cruddiest month of the year. It's the day when, oh, anything can happen, like women proposing to men, like pirates turning 5 when they think they're turning 21 ( c'mon-- Gilbert and Sullivan! "Pirates of Penzance"! Whistle! Trill!).

It is a curly, twisty day hanging off the only month that divides neatly into four weeks, and it is there to tidy up time. . . .

As a sort of time out of time, it's also a great day to do magic. Bonne chance!

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Rapunzel said...

4 years ago on Feb 29 my long-long sweetheart and I reconnected. So on Friday of this year we celebrated our first official anniversary. :-) A lovely, magical day!