Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well, You Asked

Sandy asks: I would like to know what music you enjoy.

It's odd, I do love music, but I also really, really love silence. So I'll often go long periods w/o listening to music. With all the Air in my chart, I'm as happy to listen to poems as to music. Son and his father are huge music fans and Son has introduced me to a lot of the music that I love. G/Son looks as if he'll follow in their footsteps. He loves to sing and to be sung to. Last night, putting him to bed, I told him: "This is music for marching," and sang him "We Shall Overcome." At the beginning of ever verse, we added a family member: G/Son Shall Overcome, Nonna Shall Overcome, Mommie Shall Overcome, Daddy Shall Overcome, Uncle Bubbie Shall Overcome, Pop Pop Shall Overcome, Nini Shall Overcome, Drew Shall Overcome. He's also a big fan of "Do You Know the Muffin Man?"

I have fairly eclectic tastes. I love classical music, some of which is considered rather schmaltzy and low brow: Wagner, Handel, Vaughan Williams, Strauss the Younger I also love a lot of folk music and, if I'm on a long road trip, I'm happy to listen to country, esp., embarrassingly enough, Travis Tritt and Shania Twain, and to almost any blue grass. Martha Wainwright would be on my short list for the desert island, but then, so would almost anyone be who sings Leonard Cohen. I'm v. happy singing along with "The Student Prince" when I do housework.

I have to listen to Handel's Water Music every year on my (Pisces) birthday and, Pagan that I am, to his Messiah every December. I love Vaughan Willliams' "The Lark Ascending" so much that I can hardly stand it. I'm also a huge fan of Heinichen's Dresden Concerti. Almost anything by Bach. There's not much better than a well-played trumpet.

I like some of Emerald Rose's stuff, some of Blackmore's Night, some of Lorenna McKennitt. I've got a real weak spot for some of Stevie Nick's stuff and hate some of her other stuff. T. Thorn Coyle does a couple of songs that I really love and I love a lot of Van Morrison.

I've written a whole lot of legal pleadings listening to Janis, the Dixie Chicks, U2, and Tina Turner.

Lately, I'm listening to a lot of S.J. Turner, and I can happily listen to "Mandolin Holy Man" over and over.

My will specifies two songs for my funeral: Jackson Browne's "I Am a Patriot" and Shawna Carol's "Our Purpose Here Is to Rise Up."

On my iPod at the moment: "Silver Beaver" by the Uppity Blues Women, to whom my brilliant friend E. introduced me.

One of my secret goals is to learn to play rock harp some day.

I have an odd affection for bagpipe music, which, played in the woods with sunlight filtering down on an early Autumn afternoon, can literally transport me to a different time and place.


Anonymous said...

I would borrow your I-Pod any time. I have very diverse music tastes myself ... I tend to have the attitude that if I like it is good and it doesn't matter if it "doesn't go" with other songs I like.

I find some of the best music by simply being open to any genre and time.

ntodd said...

I don't believe I asked that question. I asked why don't you post more boobies? Oh, and I asked how you are doing post-op?

r@d@r said...

props to loreena mckennitt! see her live, and be astonished!

TheMomCat said...

In the cold night, as I watched the Lunar eclipse, my thoughts turned to you, Hecate. I didn't have any music with me except for the music of wind rusting through the unraked leaves, the waves lapping at the shore and crackling fire I had lit for some warmth. I could feel the Earth under me and I could touch the black sky with my out stretched arms. I felt strong and warm. I send all my strength to you for your healing and good health. Blessed Be.