Thursday, March 20, 2008

I Am Going To Turn Someone Into A Newt

Kali on a cucumber! There is nothing -- NOTHING -- about Hillary Clinton that the mainstream media won't criticize.

In the 11,046 pages of Hillary Clinton's White House schedules released yesterday, every minute is scripted, down to when she takes her seat on a bench, when she is presented with a gift (1:35 p.m.) and when she makes a speech accepting it (1:40 p.m.), when she is escorted to an elevator and by whom and on what floor.

But not why. Never the why.

This is the briefest outline of a life, all mechanics and no feeling. If there are any insights here into the presidential candidate's interior life, they are between the typewritten lines and the reader's imagination.

If her schedules were sloppy and vague, she'd get criticized for that. If, as appears to be the case, they're detailed, that shows that she's too scripted. But here's the real idiocy. Take a look at your own calendar. Does it tell you why you do things? Does it offer any insights into your interior life? Mine either. For today, mine says: [Agency] meeting: 10:00, Dentist: 11:00, Logistics Subgroup Call: 4:00. All mechanics. No feeling. Guess I'm unfit to be president, as well.

I guess we're supposed to be surprised that her day as First Lady is busy and full. Here's how that plays out:

What must it be like to live inside such a script? It's as close as we mortals can get to being able to predict the future. Walking into a children's hospital, Clinton (or her handlers) would have already known that she would be "escorted to rocking chair by 4 patients who will sit next to her." This is comforting or this is maddening, depending on your point of view. For Clinton, whose poise and preparation are legendary, the bubble might be a lovely place. So cushioned. So controlled.

The bubble? Knowing ahead of time what she's going to be doing and what's expected of her is living in a bubble?

But somehow, Hillary is to blame for the fact that her calendar doesn't reveal all of her feelings and emotions and show us some deep revelation about her psyche:

As a matter of fact, there's a difference between being transparent and being scrutinized. Clinton is one of the most studied figures in public life, but she's also one of the most opaque. This is why the release of these documents seems like much more of the same. Just paper. [Of course, she was an evil, secretive bitch for not having already released this document, and now that she's released it, it's her fault that the document is -- horrors -- "just paper."] We know what she did on any particular day -- we might even know where she stood -- but not what she felt. Not what she said to her husband, the president. Not what she thought about it all.

All mechanics.

That cold, unfeeling bitch! Why, it's as bad as "Dentist: 11:00." No one would know how I FELT about the dental appointment. No one would have any insight into what KIND OF PERSON I AM! All mechanics.

You know, I'm going to take a wild guess here and suggest that George Bush's schedule and Laura Bush's schedule are as detailed, tightly-scripted, and as unrevealing of their true feelings as was Hillary Clinton's. The schedule of every CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation that I've known has also been as detailed and as scripted. The details are often there as much for the benefit of their staff (who get printed copies of the daily schedule) as for them. But I guess it's ok for them to have busy, tightly-scripted schedules.

It's amazing to me that the mainstream media can't find anything actually worthwhile to discuss about Clinton's released schedule. She's claimed to have gained experience in the White House that makes her a better candidate for president than her Democratic rival, Barack Obama. Any evidence of that in her schedule? Either way, that would be something interesting and worthwhile for voters to learn about. Or maybe the "reporter" could at least report. On the day that she visited the hospital, did Clinton adhere strictly to her timetable or did she stop along the way and chat with parents concerned about their child's medical bills? If you listen to her campaign speeches, she somehow has managed to talk to a lot of people about their medical bills; did any of that happen on the trip that this article singles out? The fact that a person's calendar is different from their Dear Diary is hardly instructive. But it's sure a cute way to bash Hillary Clinton and continue to stereotype her as a cold, unfeeling, mechanical bitch, living inside a "comforting bubble."



Anne Johnson said...

She was a first lady with an enormous amount of political clout in the Clinton administration. Anyone who lived through those years saw that. We don't need her diary to remind us.

Anne Johnson said...

Please don't turn me into a newt until the weather warms up a little bit more. Unless you turn me into a newt and let me go in Berkeley Springs.

NYMary said...

On the other hand, Hecate, they saw fit to tell us exactly where she was when the dress got stained.

So they have their priorities in order.

watertiger said...

Hey, Bush lives in a bubble, too! And the food's pretty good in there, from what he says.

I. Am. Going. To. Take. A. Hostage.

mrs. ibrahim al-jafaari said...

please don't Newt me, but doesn't the diary release make extremely problematic her claim that she opposed NAFTA? do you think NAFTA will return as an issue in PA?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I still want to know when she had pap smears. This could be important information to the security of our country.



Silleigh said...

Great post. Obscene article.

Since when is a schedule supposed to read like a series of "Dear Diary" entries???

Coupled w/what NYMary points out, it's clear that what the press inteleckshuls actually WANT is salacious material and gossip. Imagine a news organization with Ken Starr at the helm. How would that differ from what we have now?

Nan said...

Please turn Brian Williams into a lower life form than a newt (pond scum maybe?) along with his fellow MSM types who have made it clear via their obsessions about where Hillary was when the dress got stained that they're more into voyeuristic sex than they are into actually being journalists.

Karin said...

Can you arrange for that blue dress story idiot to get shingles?I hear it's very painful.