Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oddly Unlike The Witchcraft I Know

Honestly, I don't know anyone who, as far as I know, was initiated like this. Not that there's anything wrong with this initiation (OK, the fact that it came after three months of training -- far less than the standard "year and a day", strikes me as a bit off, but maybe they were an intense three months), but watching this clip, I was just struck by how different the Dianic Wicca that I practice is from the witchcraft depicted here -- which is not all that long ago. Having recently read Maxine Saunders' biography, I found this clip, and some others that the same person has posted on YouTube, really interesting.


Mary L A said...

Dreadful. And the neophyte has the strangest expression on her face, as if she wishes she had stayed home to wash her hair.

Auntie Meme said...

My first impression was that the video starts out in the dark and grainy way that old B movies from the 60s-70s do--young woman in the basement of the mysterious house about to have something of a pseudo-sexual nature happen to her. (The precursor to modern slasher pics.) So, honestly, I couldn't get past the whipping the genitals part. Whoa. Yowza. Full stop. I'm Dianic for a reason.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

Three months???

Alex and Maxine did churn them out, though.
And whoinhel was the officer and whyinhelwas he performin a 3rd deg. elevation on a "neophyte"?


Terri in Joburg

Anonymous said...

Not only is it nothing like the witchcraft I know, it's noting I *want* to know. *sigh* Dreadful is right Mary