Sunday, April 06, 2008

Buy This Book! (Athenae's, Not Feith's!)

The beautiful and brilliant Athenae reminds us that:

I'm sure by now you've heard that one of the greatest
assholes of our time, former Undersecretary of Defense
for Policy
Doug Feith (he of Office of Special Plans,
Niger yellowcake fraud, let's disband the Iraqi Army
fame) has a book coming out on Tuesday.

Isn't that nice for him? I'm so glad he won't starve.
War and Decision should pad his resumé and his kids'
college funds quite nicely.

Since Feith is likely to be making the talk show
rounds, spewing his lies to admiring hosts who will be
taken in by the book's premise (that he planned a
GREAT war and George Bush fucked it up, according to
the Washington Post), I thought I'd remind folks on
the reality-based side of things that plenty of
liberal bloggers were on the Feith story long before
the traditional media could be paid to give a damn.

A book called Special Plans: The Blogs on
Douglas Feith and the Faulty Intelligence that Led to
War (2005, William James & Co).
I was privileged to
work on this collection of the work of bloggers like
Josh Marshall, abw at DailyKos, and Jack K. of the
Grumpy Forrester in detailing Feith's misdeeds.

Since this book -- which also predated the
blogger-authors craze by some months, never let it be
said liberal bloggers are not prescient -- came out
shortly before our collective national awakening that
Bush and his war kind of suck, it made nary a sound,
but now, with Feith back in the news, the story it
tells is more necessary than ever.

. . .

Our side doesn't get nearly the credit it deserves for
being right all along. And after all, isn't that what
we all promise one another each day that we'll


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