Monday, April 07, 2008

She's A Witch!

Recently, the women of my wonderful circle were discussing what information to best share with someone new to the ways of Wicca. All of the usual name were mentioned: Luisia Tesch, Starhawk, Shekinia Mountainwater, Z. Budaphest, Margot Adler, time spent observing a growing tree, T. Thorn Coyle, and on and on. I suggested that, trite as it may be, one could do worse than to read the Mists of Avalon by Bradley.


BBC said...

I'd listen to the plants. But then, I'm a madwoman.

And in the game of American law, that makes you double mad.

But I'd still dance with you.

Aquila ka Hecate said...

Read the Mists of of Avalon?

Actually, I'd agree.

Terri in Joburg
also mad.And happy with it.

Anonymous said...

that's interesting-as an instructional piece.
couldn't get through it as literature cause it seemed so heavy handed in cramming in everything newly discovered about a way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

I helped teach this as part of a UU religious education curriculum. Sorely disappointed in the ending. Wished she could have written an alternative to the traditional patriarchal narrative of Christianity triumphing over the old religion, but can see why she didn't. (Hecate: Please delete this is it is considered a spoiler.) So I came away mad rather than inspired; feeling defeatist ("If the priestesses of Avalon could not win, how can I? Why did I spend time with this book getting to know what I see around me every day?") With a lot more perspective these 20 years later, perhaps I should read it again.

--Auntie Meme

Anne Johnson said...

You'll think I'm crazy, but I like Walden. If he were alive today, Thoreau would definitely be a Pagan.

LittleIsis said...

I love the mists of Avalon, both as literature and as a mythology book. In fact, I wrote my senior research paper on it a few months ago. I love that book.

Anonymous said...

I read this book years ago - sought an Avalon tradition and then I returned and re-read the book again this past winter.. and found myself totally immersed in it again. This book is very multi-layered and yet very readable. Thank you for your positive feelings about it. I a devoted fan of your blog and you make my day when you re-affirm what I too feel is important.