Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Bit Of Earth, Please

I planted some containers this weekend, even though it's a bit early for Zone 7. I was explaining to my wonderful landscape designer last week that, for me, it all starts and goes back to A Secret Garden. My first exposure to the root word "Wick." Did you ever read that book?


Clare said...

Oh, I loved that book so much. I must have read it dozens of times as a kid. I had a copy with beautiful paintings illustrating everything. I got the movie as an Easter gift one year and it came with a silver locket. I still have the locket--I even loved that. (I guess the movie is still in my house somewhere, but I only watched it once or twice.)

LittleIsis said...

I read that book when I was ten. It was a good book, and the movie was cute too.

mama kelly said...

It is one of my childhood favorites!!! It is a book I look forward to my youngest reading in another year or 2.

Mama Kelly

Inanna said...

I love that book, and this post makes me want to read it again. I never thought about how it may have influenced my nascent Wiccan tendencies.

I also meant to comment a while back about how much I love that passage from Monique Wittig, "remember, or failing that, invent." That sums up for me much of the epistemology of modern Paganism. Thanks for these lovely reminders.