Monday, April 28, 2008


In her newsletter, Janet Kane notes that, "Simone Weil wrote, 'The beauty of the world is the mouth of the labyrinth.'" I wonder what Weil meant.

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r@d@r said...

as an armchair mystic, let me take a guess: beauty is the "gateway drug" to exploring the fundamental basis of reality. or looked at another way, beauty - as much as we're enamored of it in nature and in our works - is merely the way in to the labyrinth; that's when the REAL trip starts. there is a whole school of mysticism around this whose name escapes me, but i think it might have been Romanticism or its offshoots.

it's a radical departure from the other candidates for entry points into the labyrinth proposed by other faiths: (1) suffering (2) sacrifice (3) obedience (4) etc.