Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That's What I'm Taking About

In addition to Beltane, or, actually, because of it, but that's a long bit of history for another day, May 1st is also known as a day for the world's workers to protest working conditions. You could spare a moment of Beltane magic tomorrow in support of America's longshoremen.

An arbitrator has ordered the union that represents dockworkers at West Coast ports to tell members they must report to work on Thursday and not take the day off to protest U.S. military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A wide enough walkout could cause a slowdown at the West Coast ports — the nation's major gateway for cargo from the Far East.

. . .

Despite that decision, word continued to spread on the Internet of a May 1 walkout by longshore workers and details of protests, including a march in San Francisco. Thursday is May Day, when workers traditionally celebrate the labor movement.

Thank the Goddess someone is willing to protest these illegal, immoral wars.

/hat tip to ErinPDX at Atrios


Anonymous said...

Joyous Beltane!!!

Blessed be
Mama Kelly

Anne Johnson said...

United we bargain, divided we beg. I'm proud to share Beltane with a workers' solidarity day! And what a terrific illustration!

TheOtherWA said...

I was stunned this barely made the news. As cynical as I've become in the last 8 years, this was still surprising. It's not everyday 25,000 big, burly, longshoreman and longshorewomen (I bet there are some) stop work for a day to protest the war.