Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh, Yeah, The County Commission Should Definitely Spend Tax Dollars For This. No. They Should Not.

Rutherford County, Tennessee, County Commissioners are set to vote tonight on a proposed bible theme park:

The plans for the park call for multiple sections — each with an anchor attraction. Among them: The Bible Land Fly-Through, an IMAX-type experience which would take visitors on tours of the Holy Land; Bible Dark Ride, an indoor ride aimed at teenage visitors and based on Revelation; the Exodus Experience, an indoor experience featuring the parting of the Red Sea with high-tech standing 25-foot waves and image projection; and Stories from the Bible Theater, a Broadway-caliber theater with Bible stories.

The park would be built with tax dollars. Nope, no First Amendment issues, there. Nope.

(Love the "Broadway-caliber theater".)


Anonymous said...

the end of the world as an amusement park ride-
how about just bad taste.

the natural world is falling apart around us and we need a ride to simulate that.

Sinfonian said...

Of course, there's already a Biblical theme park, the Holy Land Experience near Orlando.

I don't believe any public monies were used to build it, however.

Anne Johnson said...

"Come on, kids! Hurry up! We'll miss the 1:00 Crucifixion! And if we miss that one, they don't crucify him again until 5:00!"