Monday, July 14, 2008

My New Name For A Blog

What Jason Said.

Actually, this story reminds me of one that Jason and I both covered a while back in Virginia. Fundies took the local board of ed to court and got the court to say that the board of ed had to let the fundies send home announcements for Vacation Bible School, etc. Some local Pagans took advantage of that ruling to make the board of ed send home an announcement about a Pagan event for children. Fundie moms went batshit on their blogs, the community was outraged, etc. Almost none of them "got it." Gee, this is how other groups feel when we xians do it. Guess there's a good reason for the separation of church and state, after all. Nope. They were too busy being "threatened" and "outraged."

Eventually, I think the board of ed decided that it would just stop sending home announcements from any non-school group (originally, they'd sent home announcements from things like the local Dept. of Recreation, which gave the fundies their hook).

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Anonymous said...

It is for this very reason that it would be great to see any number of faiths step up to propose "faith based" charity and get in line to compete for gov't funds, should all those FB initiatives go through.

possibilities could be 4-H type agro/gardening, earth/eco-friendly activities for at-risk kids or multi-generational programs, etc. you name it, the opportunities are there.

even while we would lament the hazy church-state issues, it could go a long way to break down a lot of barriers, myths & misconceptions.