Friday, August 29, 2008


WaPo says Greek Pagans plan to pray at the Acropolis:

A small group of pagans pledged Thursday to hold a protest prayer among the ruined Acropolis temples, more than 1,500 years after Christians stamped out worship of the ancient Greek gods.

Group spokeswoman Doretta Peppa said the worshippers would pray Sunday to Athena _ goddess of wisdom and patron of ancient Athens _ to protect the 2,500-year-old site.

V cool.

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Anonymous said...

If the reverse had happened and Clinton had passed over Obama as VP, and then McCain had picked an African American man as his VP, what do you think African Americans would have done?

Was it 92% of African Americans who supported Obama? How many women did the same thing for Clinton, and you think patriarchy is going to end when?

If we get over our obsessive and slavish hostage situation over abortion, maybe women will really get the power, until then....