Sunday, August 24, 2008

My American Prayer

I live in a swing state. And, unless you live somewhere v safely blue, we're both going to vote for Mr. Called to Serve and Mr. Hate on Anita Hill. Because the Patriarchy doesn't give us nice, clean choices. It only gives us choices between crappy and less-than-crappy. And this old hedge witch will keep on choosing "less than crappy" over and over and over again.

Great Granddaughter, I wish for you: better choices.

I wanted to pray this American prayer too. I just didn't want to be excluded from it. Again. Again.

My American Prayer is to a deity with a womb. Who bleeds. With a vagina.

I think she understands.


judy g said...

may the worst man lose!

Hecate said...

judy g


Robin Emeraldfox said...

As a "Y chromosome", I try not to take that personally...

I'm only commenting because I like reading your blog, but things like that gimme the cold pricklies.

Angela-Eloise said...

I'm confused by this video. Who made it and for what audience? I mean, I get the whole prayer thing - pandering to the all-important Christian vote, which shouldn't surprise us by now - but EEWWW.

Setting aside the penis issue for a moment, I have to say that I'm getting so sick of the religiosity that is choking this election. I'm sure that Thomas Jefferson is turning in his grave.

Hecate RavenMoon said...

Blessed be.

I agree with you there angela. I would say that quite a few Presidents are turning over in their graves.

Oh what a world.

terra said...

I want to feel excited at the prospect of the first African-American president. I want to feel hopeful about a president who is as "liberal" as an American presidential nonimee could be these days.

Instead I feel betrayed and sad and scared.

Persephone said...

You said it perfectly, Terra.

Hecate, that's my prayer, too.

When will the majority population of the country stand up together and quit letting these sick patriarchies tear us apart?

Anonymous said...

I want to believe, since he's who we're getting on the D side, but then I remember how Obama became the nominee in the first place: corrupted caucuses, stolen delegates, and an intense quelling and vilification of "the opposition" (e.g. Hillary Voters, the Democratic base, and the Clintons themselves).

It feels like the Democratic base got sold out for some slick music videos and the chance for new- or never-before-voters to feel like part of a "movement" - who cares which way it's going?

At this point, I'd be grateful to have a definitive reading on who the worst man really is--it's not very clear to this former Democrat which one of them actually deserves the title, or which of them will do the least damage to the country in the long run.

Huck@bee as VP would be one of the few things that could motivate me to vote for Obama at this point.

sott'Eos said...

When choosing the lesser of two evils, my favorite quote comes from Heinlein: "The difference between bad and worse is infinitely more important than the difference between good and better."

Anonymous said...

And this quote by our new poet lauret Kay Ryan sums it up for me:

"Best is not to be confused with good-
a different creature altogether,
and treated of in the goodiary-
a text alas lost nopw for centuries."

From her poem "Bestiary"