Monday, August 18, 2008

Listen To The Wind

It's mid-August, just past the full moon between two dark moons in the same month. It's that point on this whirling ferris wheel of a planet when things seem to pause, just at the top of the wheel, although the wheel is really moving madly along.

Here in northern Virginia, it's been v, v dry, no rain for weeks. I'm back into the triage watering of last summer, when we were in a deep drought. The first v few green acorns have already started falling off the oak trees and hitting my roof. They scare Miss Thing now, but, by September, she'll ignore them.

There's something about the beginning of Autumn, even the Indian Summer of early Septembe,r that instills a sense of purpose, that gets me motivated. When I was in school, I loved the fat new notebooks, the sharpened pencils, the sense of possibility that came from cracking the spines of brand new textbooks. I make new year's resolutions at Samhein, and the time from Lughnasada, through Mabon, on to Samhein is time to get serious; time to dig down and try to accomplish whatever's left undone.

It's coming. If you listen, you can hear the cold wind blowing leaves in swirls around your feet.

Picture found here.

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Hecate RavenMoon said...

Merry meet.

I can hardly wait until Samhain. Autumn thru Spring are my most favorite times of the year.

I like Summer, but don't like the heat. It get's really uncomfortably hot here in Memphis at times, and even though the a/c is on, it doesn't feel like it.

Have a great week.