Sunday, August 17, 2008

My New Name For A Blog

What Jason Said:

The post-Christian era is upon us, and the longer the two major political parties court 25% of America's religious adherents to the near-exclusion of nearly everyone else, the sooner they experience irrelevance as that demographic becomes just one voice in a cacophony of faiths and philosophies.

I hope Mr. Purpose-Driven (as if life were something to be "driven" ick!) Warren adopts a vow of silence tomorrow. Mr. Obama, every time that I'm about to open my checkbook, you find a way to make me close it. Just saying. You can balance my money v all those donations you think you're going to get from fundies and make your own determination.

Art found here.


Hecate RavenMoon said...

Wow. That is a GREAT picture.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Purpose Driven" who wants to be driven ick-- had me howling!! I needed a good laugh. Obama was yuck with his wishy washy "oh let's give them lesbians and gays our "blessing" to visit their partners in the hospital..." blah, as if I need his stupid straight liberal yuckish liberal man permission to do anything.

And abortion... don't get me going on that! Cynthia McKinney anyone!!

How did such a great election become so quickly the depths of sickening depression for me? I know, Hillary lost, and I'm NOT over it!!! Damn are we going to have to be stuck with yet another g-damn man in the White House for the next four years! Women this has GOT TO END!!

Obama falling all over himself to get in good with the right wing fundamentalist idiots, now the dems are joining in, with his smiling snake like grinning Jerry Falwell nice guy stand in Rev. Pot Belly Driven, I mean Porpoise (that's insulting to the good creaters) blah! When will women take over this nation? Oh when oh when oh when!!!

Anne Johnson said...

I would send that check to breast cancer research or some other good cause. Don't worry. Big Coal is sending $$$ to both candidates, as are all the other corporate creeps.