Thursday, August 07, 2008

On the Eighth Day of the Eight Month in the Eighth Year of a Benighted Century . . . .

Tomorrow is 8/8/08, the eight day of the eight month of the eight year of this benighted century. I'm not a big student of numerology; I'd say that numbers and I have a difficult relationship, but there must first be some relationship for it to be difficult. My left-brained self, she has a v difficult time w numbers.

But somehow, w/in Tarot, numbers make more sense to me. The Eights are interesting. Eight is twice four. In Tarots, the fours are where things get so stable as to become, perhaps, stuck. In the Gaian Tarot, "Eights illustrate the test of taking action out in the world to make your dreams a reality, in their respective elemental suits."

For a long time in my life, almost every reading that I did for myself resulted in the 8 of Wands showing up somewhere. That's good. Movement. Going places. Heading towards goals. The Eight of Cups is v similar. Something's missing! Let's go find it!

The 8 of Swords is a bit farther back in the process. Realize that you need to move! Have a new idea! Quit sitting still! And the 8 of Pentacles is, as are all the Pentacle cards, about the practical way to get from here to there. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice! Do the work! Even if you feel crappy, even if some practices are more about how NOT to do it, just do the work, chop wood, carry water.

May tomorrow, 8/8/08 be full of movement, practice, insight, and heading off on important journeys for you.

Art found here. Most Pagans in 2008 America live in cities. I love the idea of an urban tarot.

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Thers said...

It's Molly I & I's anniversary. And our first kid's birthday is 9/9/99.

Of course he's named after Seamus Heaney:

"Alone and mirrored clear in love's deep river"

Ah, that's the stuff.