Wednesday, August 06, 2008


The other evening, as we sat down to eat following our Lughnasadah ritual, my iPhone went off. One of the other witches in my circle said, "It's your son calling; his picture came up. And, whoa, that's a good song for him." Here's the ringtone for Son on my iPhone:

Here's the ringtone for DiL:

For the women in my circle:

For people at the borg:

What ringtones do you have for special people?

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Anonymous said...

Spouse's ringtone is "If You Leave," the song from the final scene of Pretty in Pink because he's my Duckie (and of course in the original ending, redheaded Andie/Molly Ringwald ends up with quirky Duckie/Jon Cryer who adores her, rather than rich Blaine/Andrew McCarthy, who's a douchebag).

His for me is "Sugar Blues," the song that plays when Marilyn Monroe first enters the scene in the train station in Some Like It Hot and which becomes her theme throughout the movie. "How does she move like that? It's like she has some kind of internal motor!"