Thursday, September 18, 2008

No One Could Have Anticipated . . . .

From the WaPo:

People who startle easily in response to threatening images or loud sounds seem to have a biological predisposition to adopt conservative political positions on many hot-button social issues, according to unusual new research being published today.

The finding -- certain to stir debate in the middle of a presidential campaign -- suggests that people who are particularly sensitive to signals of visual and auditory threats also tend to adopt a more defensive stance on political issues, from immigration and gun control to defense spending and patriotism. People who are less sensitive to potential threats, by contrast, seem predisposed to adopt more liberal positions on those issues.

The new study takes the research a step further than psychology by suggesting that innate physiological differences between people might help shape both their startle responses and their political inclinations.

Innana on the last remaining iceberg, would you people grow a pair of ovaries and quit fucking up our country?

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fyreflye said...

Here's a more interesting and better researched discussion about why people take the political positions they do:

Be sure to read the comments as well as the main body. These are scientists talking about actual research findings.

Anonymous said...

Well, I startle easily, but I'm about as far liberal as one can get without going back around the other way lol.

Sravana said...

Like lastcrazyhorn, I definitely startle easily, and am NOT a conservative!