Sunday, October 19, 2008

If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution

Dancing as Liberation

There are countries where it is a punishable crime to dance.

Women must cover their heads,
never riase their voice in song and
never ever display such immoral conduct s dancing.

Those who forbid the dance forbid life.

If they tied me in ropes
Held a gun to my head
And forbid me to dance
I would dance in my head.

If I woke up tomorrow
Without limbs that would move
I would dance in my soul.

If dance were taken from me
I would snatch it back.
I wold dance with my eyes.
I would dance with my breathing.
I would dance completely still.
I would dance with the atoms moving inside me.

I would dance in the mingling of voices around me
Layering transcendence swooping into each other.
I would dance n the red-blushed sky that caresses the tree line.
I would dance on the call of the geese
that cut through the sky above me,
my winged partners in the dance.

If dance was taken from me
I would snatch it back.

I would dance passion.
I would dance pain.
I would dance magick.
I would dance at my labor and dance at my rest.
I would dance my power.
I would dance my palpable joy of existence.

n some countries it is illegal to dance.
It is illegal to display such immoral conduct.

Dancing is an act of liberation.
It is for those who must dance in st

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Lilith Sativa said...

I would join you in Dance

Anonymous said...

Makes me ready to Dance on Wednesday.

Miss Thing was a velcro kitty most of the weekend, btw, first time she actually slept with me.