Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Acts Of Kindness

Angela has a good idea:

Here’s the deal:

1) You have to have a blog to participate in this.

2) The first three people who sign up in the comments will receive some sort of kindness from me.

3) Those three people then blog about it at their place and offer the same to the first three people who sign up, who blog about it at their place, and offer kindnesses to the next three, &c., &c., &c., until the Kindness Revolution is unstoppable due to Newton’s Second Law, where f=ma.

4) The act of kindness can be whatever you like; it can be a little gift you mail to someone, or it can be something more intangible; whatever fits your circumstances, budget, or personality. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, certainly; just something to put a smile on a stranger’s face.

5) Link back to this post in your

My act of kindness: a one card tarot reading for the first three people to post.

Picture found here.


rebelleink said...


Glad that calling first is actually encouraged.

ina drawin' said...

second! seems about right for me.

hecate, i don't know if you saw that i linked to you in my birthday post yesterday. your words often inspire me.

funny to find this kindness post of your in my sleepless wee hours. i had wanted you to see that the card i got for my birthday at lunaea's was 'the wheel of the year,' which seems just right, but i'd love to hear what you would say about it...

greer said...

You're exactly who I want to be in 5 years - but me, ya know?

Hecate said...

rebellink and greer

Thanks for the kind words. If you have a deck, pull a card and tell me what you picked.
If you don't have a deck, check out lunea weatherstone's tarot linked on my blog.

Ina, thanks so much for the link!

The Wheel of the Year is a major arcana card, so this will be an important year for you. For me, the Wheel of the Year is about riding the seasons, experiencing the changes, going with the flow. Sometimes you're going to be up, sometimes you're going to be down, but the important thing is to be present whatever is going on. Where is your Higher Self? What does she want to get out of this trip around the wheel? Can you breathe into her?

greer said...

Knight of Pentacles - Afro-Brazilian Deck

Hecate said...


Wow, that's a lovely deck; new to me.

The Knight of Pentacles is likely a real person, someone v steadfast and serious, perhaps a mite too involved in achieving goals to ever stop and smell the roses, notice the odd opportunity, take advantage of serendipity. On the other hand, this person will never waver, never be untrue, never take her eye off the ball. Who is this person in your life, right now?