Friday, December 26, 2008

My New Name For A Blog

What Holly Said.

For that matter, if you really do believe that God has a plan and that it’s possible to stray away from it, I’m not sure why that’s automatically a bad thing either. We’re talking about God in capacity as Creator of the universe. In an infinitely lesser way, I am also in the business of creating universes and designing the way things work, as are many other artists, designers, and authors. Perhaps unlike an omnipotent creator, it is very easy for human beings to create things that grow to be larger than ourselves, to create the unpredictable. I know that for me personally, one of the chief joys of creation is in watching the creation get away from me — watching things happen that I didn’t predict.

This is especially probable when you are creating complex and unpredictable systems like games, and then letting players with their own agency run amok in them. It’s certainly true of many technological creations (hacking, modding, hybridizing) and it’s how many new creations emerge. But I’ve certainly heard authors talk about this phenomenon as well — the moment when characters come to life. If we are really made in God’s image, and this is such a moment of joy and wonder that’s part of the creative act, why should we think that God feels so differently? Do theists really believe that God is the kind of unimaginative, joyless Creator who frowns on anyone who doesn’t follow the Original Equipment Manufacturer instructions and guidelines?

That’s a pretty silly form of religion, if you ask me.

Go read the whole thing and then write Ratzi the Nazi a letter.

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Persephone said...

It's pretty simple: Ignore everything Jesus said, while paying lip service to him, then follow the writings of Paul, who was an extremely fucked up person, because those writings are abusive, limiting, separatist, bigoted, and cruel. Toss in the parts of the Old Testament that follow those same guidelines and you have Christianity.

I have personally known some good Christians, the ones who truly believe in showing love to others, no matter who they are, whose works prove that they care about those around them and this world, while looking toward a future in Heaven. Good people.

Unfortunately, too many people who claim to be Christians take pride in their supposed superiority to all others not of their church, including other Christians, and look forward to the day they can watch from Heaven as the rest of us burn in Hell or perish in horrifying ways during Armageddon. I think of these people as Paulians, not Christians.

There are Paulians in every aspect of life, not just religion. Unfortunately, cloaking this behavior with religion has allowed these people to get away with abuse under color of religion.