Sunday, January 04, 2009


Breaking the silence
that turns around
the double edge of seeing.
I have called you
into the night moon
because we have come
to learn the end of waiting.

Looking for nothing
to take us out of here.
A word that divinely
chains us to earth.
Ramshackle wind
ramshackle fire
ramshackle house of our bodies
like a lizard
hiding under the blue tint
of English holly
as if the red berries
will sustain us
all the way home.

~Lynn Andrews in The Woman of Wyrrd

Art found here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for that poem: just settled where I needed comfort.
You have been cooking lately and I move quickly to your site-your offerings re: grounding are absolutely precious in like precious metals, precious gems, etc. I read and reread and practice all though I do feel scolded at times because I haven't taken care of much but supporting family but that is my issue and no reflection on your wonderful offerings.

clymela said...

Something happened and I came up as anonymous but I always do use my name.