Thursday, January 08, 2009

Your Monkey Mind Loves You And Wants To Help You Learn To Ground


Anonymous said...

Yes, well that's all nice and good.
mais, If the squirrel shows up everywhere you go,
there's something *wrong* with the squirrel.

But keep telling the one the squirrel is following
that it's all her fault for wanting to be left alone.

Hecate said...

Dear Anon,

The squirrel and the one the squirrel is following are the same being. "That's" the secret. There's no fault; it's all just process.

Anonymous said...


If you really believe that, then why do you bother with what you do for a living? Wouldn't anarchy just save a lot of time, effort and illusion?

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we navigate sets of earthly rules and spiritual laws. Though you speak of the highest order/understanding of spiritual law, our evolution as human beings into our spiritual awareness seems inextricably linked to those earthly rules that overlap with the spiritual ones, i.e., how we treat one another and what is the result of our actions as far as the environment created for one another?

The squirrel may not be aware of the "same being" concept or may be aware and not care. If the squirrel isn't aware, what does it take? If it is, then the earthly and spiritual laws are broken. What then?

Think of the most horrible thing that could happen to a loved one. Would you honestly be able to declare the event "just process?"

There's pouring of energy and then there's transforming/redirecting the pouring.

imho, idiot compassion and complacency set up asymmetries & imbalances within the one being. You said yourself that electrons follow the path of least resistance. Agreed. Direction of flow and maybe something of what is poured. ?

Hecate said...


We seem to be speaking past each other. When you try to practice the spiritual practice of grounding (see me earlier, recent posts on this topic), one of the first things that often happens is that your "monkey mind" -- represented by the squirrel in this video -- goes into hyper-drive. You find yourself thinking of your grocery list, the fight you had yesterday with your boss, the funny noise that the car's been making, that odd itch on your toe, etc. Then, you need to bring your mind back to the task of grounding. In a few minutes, the process begins again. Learning how to deal with that is one of the benefits of a regular grounding practice. I hope that clarifies this post.

Anonymous said...


Appreciate your continued dialogue. Our comment threads are interwoven :)

Agreed that grounding practice quiets the chatter which changes the flow and v.v. It's a recursive process.