Saturday, January 24, 2009

Come Bride, Come With Your Sacred Cow and Your Smith's Hammer, Come Across the Frozen Potomac

Some winters this doesn't happen at all, but, for almost a week, the beautiful Potomac River has been frozen, well, at least covered by a sheet of river ice. It's so amazing to me to drive past, and then over, it every day, as I do, and to see it covered in choppy ice, from the Teddy Roosevelt Island all the way to the Kennedy Center.

Water, in my cosmology, is about flow, change, cleansing, shifting, floating, drift. Seeing the most important body of water in my natural world frozen, I'm reminded what happens to Water when Fire is absent. Everything stops. It's gorgeous, and it reflects the Available Light beautifully, but there's neither solid ground nor cleansing flow. There's ice.

Imbolc's coming. Imbolc's about both the returning fire and sacred wells. Of course, it's about poetry. For me, this year, it's also about a focus on fire, will, intention, clinging to poetry. What's this Imbolc about for you? What is it that is frozen in your life? Towards which thaws are you yearning?

~Sculpture by Andrew Goldsworthy.


Rhode Island Rules said...

I am Saggitarius, a Fire Sign, and I am frozen this year. I keep trying to restart my pilot light but I am having great difficulty. My energy is gone, even as our new President takes office. I think after the fight of the past 8 years I have collapsed and need someone to take care of me.

A divorce 5 years ago has finally collided with today's economy to put me back to the same income I (we) had in 1980 with 2009 expenses. It doesn't work. And I am broke, even with some freelance work I cannot keep up. Two young 20's at home trying to finish school and make their way with no paternal help (even though he is living in Europe with new wife and at least 10x my salary). I grieve for them and all of us.

And yet Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are multi millionaires.

Terraluna said...

After 8 years of bitterness, it seems fitting that Obama was inaugurated just before Imbolc. The sun WILL return. The ice, and our hearts, will thaw, and new life WILL come. It always does.

I have also felt frozen, even here in California. But I'm beginning to feel the stirrings of Spring, and hope keeps popping up and making silly faces at me.