Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Obama Restaurant Watch

Everyone in DC wants to tell the the Obamas where to eat on Valentine's Day. If I had to do a quick pick of romantic places, I'd pick Nora, the patio at Morton's on Connecticut, Tabard inn, Iron Gate Inn, and Citronelle. But I'm old fashioned and what I'd really like is a young lover who could show me some new places.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Obama,

Ignore that idiot Tom. You can have lots of good meals in and around DC.
Or, if you really want to hang out in suburbia, Willow. Willow is good.

Your Friend,



D-I-L said...

Although I am all in favor of Nora's, I think Al Tiramisu is a lovely and intimate setting for a romantic dinner.

ntodd said...

Mmm...Willow. And Nora, too. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

No way, dude!

Cashion's Eat Place
Le Paradou
Cork (but you have to sit back by the kitchen)
Two Quail (food's not that great, but the romantic atmosphere can't be beat)