Sunday, February 08, 2009


So, I have several good posts planned out, about what's terribly wrong w Obama's approach to "faith-based" governing, about who should be Sec'y of HHS, about what the upcoming Eostara has to say to crones, and we to it, and, of course, poetry.

But it's sixty-six degrees and sunny outside; the birds are going almost as mad with joy as I am, and I am BLOGGING ON THE BACK PORCH, BYOTCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, thank every god and Goddess and nymph and dryad and elemental and power of nature that there is; it's sunny and warm and Spring Is Coming.

This morning, before we got in the car to head to his home, and while it was still chilly and overcast, I was showing G/Son the daffodils that are poking their heads up out of the still-quite-cold ground and I said, "Soon, it's going to get lots warmer, and we'll be able to play outside all the time, and Spring will be here." G/Son, who's into the "why" stage, said, "Why Spring will be here?", and I started to explain about the Earth and the sun and an ellipse, and then I stopped and said, "Because Nonna really, really, really needs it to be Spring." That was good enough for G/Son. About halfway home, he remembered something that I'd told him the night before, and he said, "Nonna, when you get home, those hungry rabbits may be eating your crocus. So you should put out carrots for them so they will have full tummies and not eat your crocus." And, so, I did.

Once, a student of mine, and once a dear friend, said to me that, if they knew right then that their lives were always going to be as they were at that moment, they'd kill themselves. And, I know that feeling. There are times for almost all of us when you figure that when you're going through hell you should keep going, but you do that because you imagine that hell has borders and that, eventually, you'll reach them. One of the things that I do is to try and deliberately "bottle" days like today, the kind of days that remind you that, eventually, things get better. And that can be potent medicine when the cold, grey Novembers of life transit from autumnals, etc.

The breezes get soft, the light returns, the green reclaims the planet, the sun shines so brightly on my copper windchimes that it creates it's own tiny, teeny, micro ecosystem and makes music from earth and fire and air on my porch. May it be so for you.

Photo by the author. Wooden garden sculpture from Garden Plum.


Rhode Island Rules said...

Well here in RI, not sooo warm, only touching 48, but after a bout of winter more intense, snowy and cold than the past 4 years, we'll take it and enjoy it. Yes, I see the change, light at 4:45pm is thrilling, the sight of a robin, but we are still too snow and ice covered and it is still too early for anything to be poking through the soil.

Akela said...

Ooh... not been on here for a while.

Unfortunately my street is still covered in snow and ice and I have a raging temperature. What fun! Looking forward to spring though.

Ralph said...

In reply to your recent comment on an Atrios post. You wrote,

This was always going to come down to them just printing money, wasn't it?

I think you're right, and have thought so for several years now. I figured the gov't would not be able to resist adding liquidity whenever there were huge bankruptcies, and that we would therefore eventually end up with a lot of inflation, maybe even hyperinflation, as in Germany 1920-1923, Argentina 1984-1997, or Zimbabwe today, to name just a few examples.

Right now I see nothing to suggest I was wrong, and in fact everything seems to be trending in that exact direction.

Now I have been thinking that people should use any extra money they might have to prepare for a time in which the money system effectively stops working for some period of time. I suspect that could happen either through deflation or inflation. But I'm not an economist, so you probably should pay no attention to what I think.

On the other hand, maybe I will turn out to be right eventually. That's what often happens with my predictions, but usually I am far too early.

In this case, who the hell knows?

skdo1140 said...

you are an idiot. merry cristmas

skdo1140 said...

you are an idiot. merry christmas oops.